Welcome to Todo Tango Malta
We would like to welcome you to the sensuous world of Traditional Argentine Tango. Whether you wish to learn Tango for the sheer pleasure of the dance or because you want to prepare for that first dance as a married couple, Todo Tango promises to be your friend throught this journey. Most of all, you will discover a dance that you will simply be enchanted by!


Malta Fashion Awards 2012

DegreePlus University Program
February 2013
One Semester of Tango at University

Various Events. Please check Facebook under Tango Malta or Isla del tango or Malta Argentine Tango Association.

Fri Evening
2030 hrs, Various Venues
Org: Tango Malta

Sunday Evening
2030 hrs, Phoenicia Hotel

Classes are currently being held as part of the DegreePlus program until after Easter 2013.
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